Frequently-Asked Questions

1. How do I manage my subscription?

You can click on the "Manage Subscription" button on the "Settings" page to update your payment details or to cancel your subscription. If you have an active subscription, cancelling will prevent future charges, but you will still be able to use your subscription until the specified end date of your current billing cycle.

Alternatively, you can also contact us if you're having issues with your subscription.

2. What do I lose access to if my plan is downgraded?

If you downgrade from the Power plan to the Essential plan, you will lose access to all features that are exclusive to the Power plan. If you had multiple diaries while on the Power plan, after your downgrade you will only have access to one of them (specifically, the top-most/first/earliest-in-alphabetical-order diary in your list). You will also be unable to view your custom insight tracking charts and notes. You will, however, retain view-and-delete access to any notes you made on datapoints in your Overall Well-Being insights tracking chart.

3. How do I delete a diary?

At the moment, you cannot delete a diary once it is created. You can delete a diary's contents individually, but you cannot delete the diary itself. If you are on the Power plan, you can edit a diary's name.

4. How do I add or remove tracking characteristics to a supplement I've already added?

At the moment, you cannot add or remove characteristics to or from a supplement you have already started tracking. You can create a new item to track with the characteristics you'd like to monitor, and you can delete an existing item you are tracking.

5. Does TrackMySupplement track supplements that are not on the market?

No. At the moment, searching for supplements will only return those that are currently on the market. Off-market supplement search is coming soon, and you can always enter off-market supplement information manually if you wish to in the meantime.


Disclaimer:The information and functionality provided by TrackMySupplement is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding medical conditions, treatment plans, or supplement regimens. More information can be found in the Terms of Usage.

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